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Accreditation and Internationalization - Intedco has joint efforts with organizations and agencies related to higher education in the United States, to assist institutions of higher education around the world in their processes of internationalization, accreditation and certification. Also, we provide assistance to foreign graduates to obtain the evaluation and equivalence reports of the academic credentials to be accepted in the United States. Additionally, Intedco offers assistance to universities in their autoevaluation processes.

Educational Technology - Intedco offers consulting services to assist institutions of higher education in the design, development and implementation of effective educational technology programs and projects. These services include on-line learning, videoconference, webcasting, and multimedia.

Grant Writing - This service includes the training of individuals or groups in the process of writing grant and/or research proposals. Additional to the basic structural components for proposal writing, this service also includes persuasive and rhetorical constituents proven instrumental in modern effective communication. Furthermore, emphasis will be made on searching strategies to locate international funding.

Academic and Scientific Writing - This is a service to train prospects in the process of writing top-quality documents such as abstracts, papers, reviews, articles, essays, research reports, proposals, presentations, dissertations/theses, texts, and other academic and/or promotional/marketing materials and campaigns. This language coaching service also involves elements of modern effective communication. This service is especially oriented to be available by groups with low levels of English speaking/writing abilities.

Strategic Alliances - This service refers to the creation of strategic alliances with public and private entities especially in USA and Latin America in the development of local/global activities, collaboration/cooperation, agreements, and/or contracts related with education, accreditation, evaluation, technology, multicultural/cross-cultural issues, leadership, research, internationalization, globalization, and any other educational issues of local and/or global interest.

School Preparation and Admissions - This service will provide help and advise to traveling (foreing) students in educational opportunities, career choice, selection of schools, admissions, equivalencies, review of credentials, language requirements, remedial courses, and cross-cultural issues. This is intended to serve as a preparation course for admission into undergraduate and graduate school. Participants will be trained in effective test-taking techniques. Areas to be covered include: SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.

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