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Intedco is a consulting firm founded by Dr. Gil Fonthal (President and CEO), who has been in higher education for over 30 years. He has vast, recognized experience as an educator, researcher, and consultant in several universities in the United States and South America.

Intedco is a global consulting firm embedded within a multicultural environment. Its headquarters is located in Southern California. It was created to bring together educational experts concerned about the impact of globalization upon local communities and especially on higher education institutions.

Intedco provides educational services and products worldwide based upon Integrative Knowledge, which is the knowledge adapted to the rapid changes currently experienced as a consequence of globalization. Intedco fosters and promotes the creation of strategic alliances/partnerships with governmental, non-governmental, and private entities in the development of local/global activities, collaboration/cooperation, agreements, and/or contracts related with education, accreditation, technology, multicultural/cross-cultural issues, leadership, research, internationalization, globalization, and any other educational issues of local and/or global interest