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Make your foreign degree and academic credentials valid in the United States
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Intedco has joined efforts with organizations and agencies related to higher education in the United States to help institutions of higher education around the world in their internationalization, accreditation, and certification processes. Additionally, Intedco helps students who have graduated from higher education institutions outside the United States to obtain the equivalency of studies valid in the United States. This is a written certificate indicating the curriculum taken and the degree obtained, as well as a statement specifying the proper academic equivalency in the United States. This certificate is issued in English. A professional translation of foreign academic records enables persons educated abroad to gain access to education, employment, or professional recognition in the United States. The equivalency of studies provides applicants with a written evaluation of their educational credentials made by authorized agencies in the United States. These evaluations can help recipients to gain admission to a college or university, obtain certification or licensure in their profession, supplement an employment application, or strengthen an immigration application.

We can help foreign professionals to obtain professional licenses in the United States (attorney, engineer, architect, physician, dentist, teacher, nurse, etc.) providing you with all the information needed to obtain the professional license.