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Certification Process

Reporte Detallado
Detailed Report

Formulario de Solicitud



Students Credentials Evaluation

Intedco assists students graduated in higher education institutions outside the United States to obtain equivalence of studies valid in the United States. This is a written certificate, provided by autorized agencies, indicating the curriculum taken and the degree obtained, as well as a statement specifying the proper academic equivalence in the United States. This certificate is issue in English language. A professional interpretation of foreign academic records enables persons educated abroad to gain access to education, employment, or professional recognition in the United States.

The equivalence of studies can help recipients to gain admission to a college or university, obtain certification or licensure in your profession, supplement an employment application, or strengthen an immigration application.

Required Documentation - Only if you live in the United States. Go to the Spanish area if you live in other country.

In order to process the credentials evaluation, please provide the following documentation:

  1. Fill out and sign the application form (Form CEE-01). You will need Adobe Reader.
    Provide original Transcripts / Mark Sheets / Examination Certificates / Academic Records indicating courses/subjects, hours of study/units/credits, and grades/marks/examination results, issued in the original language. These must be issued on institutional letterhead and include official signatures and seals. If the hours/units/credits are not included on the academic records, please submit program descriptions/syllabi issued by the institution, where applicable. Intedco will translate to English your transcripts.
  2. Provide Diplomas / Graduation Certificates / Degree Certificates issued in the original language (indicating that a degree/qualification has been earned or that a program of study has been completed). Intedco will translate your diploma. A certified copy by the institution is also accepted.
  3. Include the total fee of US$525 dollars for the Detailed Report. Money orders, credit card, or cashier's check payable to INTEDCO. Or pay directly on the web pushing the button "Pay Now" at your left. The report will be issued 4 to 6 weeks after receiving all documentation and fees.
    Send all documentation and payment to:

2973 Harbor Blvd Suite 516
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

For questions, please send an e-mail to: or send a message in our section Contact Us